International Facebook Business Manager

Best Strategy to succeed Facebook Sponsoring

A lot suffer that they spent a lot of money on sponsoring with facebook and they don’t have the result that they dream.

To overcome all facebook sponsoring problems, you must have an AGED PVA Facebook Account (not arab account) and have a lot of friends and link it with your facebook business manager.

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What is Facebook business manager?

Facebook Business Manager is Facebook’s tool for multi-page, multi-account management. It allows you to access your pages and your advertising accounts, to preview their performance, to share this information and to authorize other people to intervene on the account (s). You can manage the permissions of these people and thus optimize the management of your Ads Manager advertisements.
In short, Facebook Business Manager brings all of Facebook’s services together in one place. This allows better control of administrative rights and simplification of the management of pages and advertising campaigns

International Business Manager

  • Reach more people on the same budget
  • Be more trustworthy person for Facebook
  • You will have an old facebook account with this manager, so less restrictions from facebook
  • It is hard to be banned from facebook

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